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Roller Blinds have been setting the trend in reinvigorating this classic, highly functional blind. The result? Roller Blinds are now quite literally “gallery quality” – suitable for any room or situation. 


With over 500 fabrics, our Roller Blind collection has something for everyone. From soft sheers to striking dim-outs the colour range is extensive. If you can’t find the correct patterned design, why not laminate one of the many soft fabrics on offer so your blind suits your colour scheme. We recommend for bathrooms and kitchens a fabric with a high polyester.


Model Overview

Type 10

A Type 10 Roller is a standard roller supplied with mounting brackets. The brackets are supplied with white plastic covers. They can be top, side or face fitted. There is a wide selction of fabrics within the Luxaflex® range to suit all tastes. A variety of decorative finishes and trims are available to complete your blind design.

Type 20

A Type 20 roller has the roller and brackets premounted onto a mounting profile. This can be top or face fitted with clip in brackets at any point across the width. This makes it ideal for situations where fixing is not avaialble at the extreme ends or where adding additional brackets can overcome suspect fixing grounds.

Type 30

A type 30 has the roller mounted in a stylish white cassette profile which hides aall the mechanisms. It can be face or top fixed.

XL Roller

The XL roller range has been specially developed for larger window installtions. There is a choice of three tube sizes, 31, 37 & 50mm diameter. The sprung loaded bearing makes for easy installation. Alternative systems from simple brackets to fully enclosed cassettes, with side guiding cables or side channels measn there is an option for most installation requirements.


Nano Roller Blind

The Luxaflex® Nano roller system consists of a small cassette that houses the roller which runs up side profiles. The whole mechanism is designed that it can be stuck to the glass of a window using 'click tape’ or can be screwed to the frame. It is particularly suitable for such things as tilt and turn windows. It is operated by hand or can be supplied with an operating pole for higher installations. For longer drop windows you will be supplied with two cassettes one top, one bottom. this allows for the build up of the longer drop of fabric, but also gives the flexilbility of operation that it can be stacked top or bottom.

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